Many drugs have the potential to work well but are limited by the way they are delivered. This can lead to unwanted side effects, poor efficacy and a short duration of action. Eupraxia’s polymber-based proprietary Diffusphere™ technology aims to provide better therapy by delivering the right dose of drug, in the right place and for the right amount of time.

Eupraxias Delivery Technology

Traditional polymer-based approaches mix a relatively large amount of polymer with a tiny amount of drug. The drug is released as the polymer dissolves and exposes the drug particles, which can lead to variability in the drug release. This unpredictability of drug release can translate into unwanted side effects and poor results. Moreover, the large amount of polymer can also cause additional side effects as it degrades.

In contrast, we coat the drug with a micro-thin polymer membrane that is designed to release drug at a pre-defined rate. As the inner drug core dissolves, it creates a saturated solution inside the membrane. The polymer membrane is designed to release drug at a constant rate until the drug is gone.

graph technology

By using less polymer and extending the time the drug remains in the most effective concentration range, our technology aims to offer the dual potential of longer-lasting therapy and fewer side effects.

Our manufacturing method offers several ways to fine-tune the drug release profile, making it potentially suitable for a wide range of drugs that may be improved by locally targeted and extended-release.